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Business Meetings

第1讲 Business Meetings ( Part Ⅰ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Business Meetings (Part Ⅱ) 视频(Video)

Introducing Products

第1讲 Introducing Products ( Part Ⅰ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Introducing Products (Part Ⅱ) 视频(Video)

Analyzing Corporate Performance

第1讲 Analyzing Corporate Performance ( Part Ⅰ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Analyzing Corporate Performance (Part Ⅱ) 视频(Video)

Assigning Work

第1讲 Assigning Work( Part Ⅰ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Assigning Work(Part Ⅱ) 视频(Video)

Criticizing & Encouraging Subordinates

第1讲 Criticizing & Encouraging Subordinates( Part Ⅰ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Criticizing & Encouraging Subordinates( Part Ⅱ) 视频(Video)

Agree and Disagree

第1讲 Agree and Disagree 视频(Video)

Accept and Reject

第1讲 Accept and Reject 视频(Video)

Asking for Help & Offering Help

第1讲 Asking for Help & Offering Help ( PartⅠ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Asking for Help & Offering Help ( PartⅡ) 视频(Video)

Discuss and Agree on a Contract

第1讲 Discuss and Agree on a Contract ( PartⅠ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Discuss and Agree on a Contract ( PartⅡ) 视频(Video)


第1讲 Interview ( PartⅠ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Interview ( PartⅡ) 视频(Video)

Deliver Business Speeches

第1讲 Deliver Business Speeches ( PartⅠ) 视频(Video)
第2讲 Deliver Business Speeches ( PartⅡ) 视频(Video)